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Lisa B. Clark, C.P.A., Director
20 West Bank Street, Suite 2
Petersburg, Virginia 23803-3279
Phone: (804)862-8054
FAX: (804)862-8064

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Program/Service Description: Finance and Administration -The purpose of the Division of Finance is to provide service, guidance, information, and support to the client services divisions. The areas of support are mainly fiscal in nature. The Finance Division is made up of several sections.

Administrative Services provided:

Accounting : This section is responsible for the accounting-related functions of the Board. The section is supervised by the Accounting Manager. The areas in the accounting section are:

Reimbursement : Manages the Board's system of fee collections from clients, families, insurance, and State and Federal agencies. This area is also responsible for the operation of the Community Medicaid Initiative program. This area is supervised by the Reimbursement Manager, who has technical supervisory authority of the reimbursement staff at all Board offices.

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