District 19 CSB Crisis Line: (804)862-8000
Toll Free Crisis Line: 1-866-365-2130

Joseph E. Hubbard, C.P.A., Executive Director
20 West Bank Street, Suite 7
Petersburg, Virginia 23803-3279
Phone: (804)862-8054
Fax: (804)863-1665
Lance P. Forsythe, Chairman - Greensville County
Willadean C. Harrison, Treasurer- Dinwiddie County
Sherry Saunders - City of Emporia
Carolyn A. Thompson - City of Colonial Heights
W. Joe Green, Jr. - City of Colonial Heights
Isabel Vartanian - City of Hopewell
John H. Weigel - City of Hopewell
Rhonda Greene - City of Petersburg
Cornell Prince, II - City of Petersburg
Ronald W. Washington, M.Ed. - City of Petersburg
Ray Spicer - Dinwiddie County
Shel Bolyard-Douglas - Prince George County
Donald Hunter - Prince George County
Kenneth J. Robinson - Prince George County
Frances Randolph - Surry County
Dr. Phyllis Moore-Tolliver - Sussex County
Patricia Harper, Ex Officio – Fort Lee
Stephanie Parker, Ex Officio – Fort Lee

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Updated December 6, 2013

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