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Emergency And Evaluation Services (Crisis Intervention)

District 19 Emergency and Evaluation Services provides crisis intervention services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Crisis services include assessment for psychiatric hospitalization for individuals who present a need in the D19 catchment area.

Services provided:

  • 24-hour crisis intervention, assessment and screening for emergency hospitalization, both voluntary and involuntary.
  • Assessment and referral to District 19 support programs.
  • Consultation and education to the general community and to groups, organizations, agencies, etc.

Crisis Intervention Service Description & Eligibility Requirements

Liaison Services To State And Local Psychiatric Hospitals

These services are available to all individuals hospitalized for care:

  • Representation at commitment/re-commitment hearings.
  • Pre-discharge / Aftercare planning in collaboration with inpatient psychiatric hospital treatment teams for individuals with mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and / or intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • Assessment and screening for emergency hospitalization (voluntary and involuntary) as well as for admission into the Acute Care Project.
  • Assessment and referral to D19 programs.

Community-Based Crisis Stabilization (CBCS)

Community-Based Crisis Stabilization provides individualized crisis services on an outpatient basis.  Resources and natural support systems are mobilized during the crisis episode in an effort to avert unnecessary psychiatric hospitalization and assist the participant in remaining in the community.  Services begin with a face-to-face intake of persons experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis which may jeopardize the community living situation. If the individual meets criteria, they can be treated in the community, the service provided in their home. 

Crisis Stabilization Service Description & Eligibility Requirements